Saturday, June 9, 2012

I got an email telling me that I was being a bit harsh and that I should be more supportive of lesbian books. I get this, but I also feel like there's a difference between 'harsh' and 'critical'. Criticism in the best sense is supposed to push us to do better. And I think that the lesbian publishing world could do better. Especially for what they're charging us poor little lesbians ($15-25 for a paperback! $9-18 for an ebook!). There are too many mistakes, too many novels that are simply too light in terms of length, etc. and the quality is just not there with some of them. For the price I pay for one of these novels, I should receive a professionally edited (and I don't mean simply proofread) work. I'm not expecting Literature or even Jeannette Winterson or Sarah Waters, but I do expect a well-structured, proofed, and edited book. Otherwise lesbian fiction will forever remain a ghetto of publishing.

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