Saturday, March 24, 2012

L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan

L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan is unlike any lez romance you've ever read before!! Just kidding. This novel began its life as a post Kim/Kerry ER fic (Kim/OFC) and was restructured (although Kim's name didn't change!) and reorganized so you could purchase it (and the author wouldn't get sued). Actually, from what I remember, this is a much cleaner and improved version of the original fanfic, although it's on the light side in terms of length. This seems to be a thing w/lez romances. Too many of these books seem too light in terms of story. This is a lot of money for what doesn't feel like a complete book.

Anyway, the 'review': Kim's running from some terrible past events and lands at L.A. Metro where she immediately encounters the gorgeous, stoic, brooding E.R. Chief, Jess McKenna, who is also dealing with her own demons. And these demons (Kim's and Jess's) provide pretty much the only tension (besides the familiar, will-they-won't-they push/pull) in the book. I kept waiting for at least a subplot (possibly involving the homophobic, sexist, harrasser and chief of something big at the hospital, Rodman?), but no. This is strictly about their romance. It's good as that goes although I think things are resolved a little too quickly and easily and Kim seems to conveniently forget her training and experience too often (even when dealing w/cases! the ER doc is better able to read certain patients than the experienced psychiatrist! whatever).

Whatever. Hot docs haunted by mysterious pasts get together and have hot sex. And there's a great dane! Yeah. what more could you want? Also, Kim finally gets someone who treats her better than mean old, homophobic Kerry back in Chicago. I mean...Anna back in Detroit.

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